We Bring People together!

When it comes to being on the cutting edge of marketing and brand building, we are leading the charge. 

HOMEXPO's mission is to establish a profitable and well managed company while at the same time creating an atmosphere of fun and excitement for the local community, whit hundreds of home related products and services to offer both residential and commercial end users.

Our teamworkers excel at helping businesses connect with customers and other companies, expanding their outreach and market share. Whether termed content marketing, brand awareness, or customer conversion, HOMEXPO has what it takes to help you build lasting relationships.

A Few Things We Are Really Good at:

  • Great price on the booth we privide to our vendors
  • Mass media Marketing campaign ( such as TV, radio, newspaper, web etc.) to introduce us to the public.
  • Under our management, we encourage vendors to cross promote their products, allowing for greater visibility for their products/services.
  • Brand management and warehouse management.
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